by natasa | v2.0.0
Your awesome NativeScript plugin.
npm i --save nativescript-in-app-notifications

NativeScript In App Notifications plugin

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This is a plugin to show in app notifications on iOS, using BSForegroundNotification v3.1).


Check out the demo folder for a sample usage.

Angular 2


  1. Add the plugin to your project:
npm install nativescript-in-app-notifications
  1. To show a notification call showNotification:
  InAppNotifications.getInstance().showNotification('This is a notification', 'This is the title', () => {

Try the Demo

To try the demo run the following commands:

npm run setup
npm run build.demo
npm run dev.ios

If you change files in the demo project and want to run the app again:

npm run build.demo
npm run dev.ios