by Antonio Cueva | v1.0.1
A NativeScript module providing LogEntries functionalites for Android and iOS
npm i --save nativescript-logEntries


This plugin provide a way to use LogEntries service on a NativeScript project.
The plugin is a wrap of the android and ios official sdks


tns plugin add nativescript-logEntries


First create a new Log for android and/or iOS and store the tokens that logEntries will provide to you

//Somewhere on your app.

var logEntries = require("nativescript-logEntries");

logEntries.log("this is the message");

If you want to use it to send crash reports, store the crash on devie and send it next time the device is opened.

//on app.ts

var setString = applicationSettingModule.setString;

application.on(application.uncaughtErrorEvent, function(args) {

if (args.ios) {
console.log("NativeScriptError: " + args.ios);
console.log("Stacktrace: " + args.ios.stack);
setString("crash", args.ios + args.ios.stack);
else if ( {
console.log("NativeScriptError: " +;
console.log("NativeScriptError: " +;
console.log("NativeScriptError: " +;
setString("crash", + +;