by Tobias Hennig | v1.0.1
Thin wrapper around Loki and Loki NativeScript adapter
npm i --save nativescript-loki

NativeScript Loki

Thin wrapper around Loki and Loki NativeScript adapter

What is Loki

LokiJS is a document oriented database written in javascript, published under MIT License. Its purpose is to store javascript objects as documents in a nosql fashion and retrieve them with a similar mechanism. - LokiJS


Run the following command from the /app directory of your project:

$ npm install nativescript-loki --save


// Requirements
var Loki = require("./node_modules/nativescript-loki/nativescript-loki.js");

// Setup Loki
var db = new Loki("loki", { autosave: true });

// Check if database exists
if(db.exists()) {
console.log("Database exists");

// Rename database
db.rename("new-name").then(function() {
console.log("Database renamed");

// Remove database
db.remove().then(function() {
console.log("Database removed");


The thanks goes to sect2k who has inspired me to create this package.

To go deeper in Loki have a look at the documentation.

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