by TJ VanToll | v0.1.2
A NativeScript module for using native map APIs
npm i --save nativescript-maps

NativeScript Maps

A NativeScript module for using native map APIs. This module is currently limited and should be viewed as a proof of concept—it only supports latitude and longitude attributes and only works on iOS.


Run npm install nativescript-maps --save from your project's inner app directory:

├── app <----------------run npm install from here
│ ├── App_Resources
│ │ ├── android
│ │ └── ios
│ ├── app.css
│ ├── app.js
│ ├── main-page.js
│ ├── main-page.xml
│ ├── node_modules
│ │ └── nativescript-maps <-- The install will place the module's code here
│ │ └── ...
│ ├── package.json <-- The install will register “nativescript-maps as a dependency here
│ └── tns_modules
│ └── ...
└── platforms
├── android
└── ios

As is, using npm within NativeScript is still experimental, so it's possible that you'll run into some issues. A more complete solution is in the works, and you can check out this issue for an update on its progress and to offer feedback. This repo's demo folder has a sample NativeScript app that uses this map module via npm.

If npm doesn't end up working for you, you can just copy and paste this repo's maps.ios.js file into your app and reference it directly.


To use the module you have to include a xmlns:maps attribute to include the maps namespace for use in your XML. Point the value of this attribute at the location you have the maps.ios.js file stored in your app.

<Page xmlns:maps="app/node_modules/nativescript-maps/maps">
<maps:Map latitude="42.7" longitude="23.3" />