by romandragan | v1.2.0
A Simple NativeScript Utility Library
npm i --save nativescript-master-technology-updated

npm npm npm


A library of generic functions that are useful in NativeScript


This is released under the MIT License, meaning you are free to include this in any type of program -- However for entities that need a support contract, changes, enhancements and/or a commercial license please contact me at

I also do contract work; so if you have a module you want built for NativeScript (or any other software projects) feel free to contact me [email protected].

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Please feel free to fork this repo and add other utility functions!!!


Supports all NativeScript versions from 2.x till 5.x

tns plugin add nativescript-master-technology-updated


The first release of this library had a ton of DOM routines, these have been moved to there own plugin called 'nativescript-dom'


To use the module you must first require() it:

require( "nativescript-master-technology-updated" );

All routines are global; you do not need to keep a reference to the library.

If you get TypeScript complaining about process not being defined, then put /// <reference path="./node_modules/nativescript-master-technology-updated/references.d.ts" /> in your references.d.ts.



Push this task off to the next available time slice.


Clears an timer scheduled via setImmediate...

Returns the current time stamp in NS or MS (depends on the platform)


IOS will tell the user they need to restart; and then exit. (Apple doesn't appear to have any "restart" app ability) Android will quit and restart the app.


Exit the application


Detects if you are running the debug version of the code on Android, on ios it returns Process.isEmulator()


Detects if you are running on an emulator


A Syncronous method to cause IOS & Android to handle their message loops.


Prints out all the keys in the object

Optionally: You can pass true as second argument to also print the value:

var data = {
id: 1,
name: 'Nathan'
console.keys(data, true);

// id: 1
// name: Nathan

Breaking Changes

Renamed to -- not sure why I messed up the name in the first place; but the proper name for compatibility sake is ""...