by Shripal Soni | v1.0.3
A package containing ready to use material design icon font and css classes for nativescript projects.
npm i --save nativescript-material-icons

Nativescript Material Icons

This is a simple package which contains css classes for all material design icons and MaterialIcons font.

Why This Plugin

To use any font icons in nativescript project, there is a great plugin nativescript-fonticon for vanilla nativescript project and nativescript-ng2-fonticon for angular native projects. That plugin requires a font file and a css file containing mapping of className and unicode of the icon.

material-design-icons repository do not provide css file so we need to generate it manually.

This plugin provides the ready to use css file containing mapping of className and its unicode. This plugin also automatically copy the MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf file to app/fonts folder and material-design-icons.css file to app/ directory. So you don't need to manually add those files. Also, upon uninstall of this plugin, it will remove those two files.


npm install nativescript-material-icons --save

How to Use

Check this step-by-step tutorial on how to use material design font icons in your nativescript angular applications.