Nativescript plugin for android based on MaterialShowcaseView library
npm i --save nativescript-material-showcaseview

Nativescript MaterialShowcaseView

A Material Design themed showcaseview (coachmarks) for Nativescript.

This plugin works only on Android devices and it is based on * MaterialShowcaseView. Consider checking * nativescript-coachmarks if you are looking for an iOS version.

Getting started

To install run npm install nativescript-material-showcaseview


Import the NSMaterialShowcaseView class to your module, then create a new instance of it.

import { NSMaterialShowcaseView } from 'nativescript-material-showcaseview'

export class MyModel {
private showcaseView: NSMaterialShowcaseView;
constructor() { this.showcaseView = new NSMaterialShowcaseView(); }

IShowcaseItem and IShowcaseConfig interfaces respectively represent a showcase item and the showcase configuration.

export interface IShowcaseItem {
target: any; // the element in your view (e.g a button)
dismissText: string; // the text to dismiss the show case
contentText: string; // the text explaining the element
withRectangleShape: boolean;

An example of item:

let item : IShowcaseItem = {

target: this.btn,
dismissText: "GOT IT",
contentText: "This is the start button",
withRectangleShape: false

Currently the plugin only implements the showcase sequence available on MaterialShowcaseView. In order to create the sequence you should call this.showcaseView.createSequence(items), in which the paramenter items represents an array of IShowcaseItem.

Note: if you wish to highlight only one element in your view, then your array must have only one element.

this.showcaseView.startSequence() initiates the showcase sequence, whilst this.showcaseView.reset() resets the sequence so it can be shown again.

There is a sample app available here in case you need to see a working example.