by adrianoop | v1.0.8
NativeScript MPChart Fork AdrianoOP
npm i --save nativescript-mpchart-fork-adrianoop

Forked from LeCaoPhuc for minor improvements in Android... Documentation not updated

NativeScript MPChart UI

A NativeScript MPChart for Android and iOS. This plugin still in develop and will update more type chart and feature in future. Because I don't have much time so it only have demo-ng is detail But it can work in core. Now, a plugin have simple LineChart and BarChart.

Based on

Charts for iOS

MPAndroidChart for Android


Run tns plugin add nativescript-mpchart



Instance Properties

  • showLegend - Boolean
    Show or hide legend under chart. Default is false.
  • showGridLines - Boolean
    Show or hide grid lines in chart. Default is false.
  • scaleEnable - Boolean
    Enable or Disable zoom in chart. Default is false.
  • descriptionText - String
    Gets or sets description text inside chart. Default is empty.
  • descriptionXOffset - Number
    Gets or sets description text offset from right. Default is 0;
  • descriptionYOffset - Number
    Gets or sets description text offset from bottom. Default is 0.
  • descriptionTextColor - Color
    Gets or sets description text color. Css property 'description-text-color'.
  • highlightPerTapEnabled - Boolean
    Enable or Disable show hight light when tap in line. Default is false.
  • highlightPerDragEnabled - Color
    Enable or Disable show hight light when drag in line. Default is false.
  • xAxisGranularity - Number
    Gets or sets granularity (A simple, this is like step of value in yAxis). Default value is 1.
  • yAxisGranularity - Number
    Gets or sets granularity (A simple, this is like step of value in yAxis). Default value is auto equally divided.
  • xAxisLabelPosition - String
    Gets or sets position of xAxis of chart. Value : "Top" | "Bottom" | "BothSided" | "TopInside" | "BottomInside". Default value is "Bottom."
  • xAxisLineColor, leftAxisLineColor, rightAxisLineColor - Color
    Gets or sets line color of Axis color. Css property 'x-axis-line-color', 'right-axis-line-color','left-axis-line-color'.
  • xAxisTextColor, leftAxisTextColor, rightAxisTextColor - Color
    Gets or sets text color of Axis color. Css property 'x-axis-text-color', 'right-axis-text-color','left-axis-text-color'.
  • xAxisMinValue, leftAxisMinValue, rightAxisMinValue - number
    Gets or sets min value of Axis.
  • xAxisMaxValue, leftAxisMaxValue, rightAxisMaxValue - number
    Gets or sets max value of Axis.
  • leftAxisFormatter, rightAxisFormatter - YAxisFormatterInterface
    Gets or sets formatter value for left and right Axis. Now, the plugin support two type is: "Int" | "Float". Default value not format it show like input. SEE DETAIL IN DEMO.
  • showValueLabels - boolean
    show or hide labels value.
  • showLeftAxis, showRightAxis - boolean
    show or hide left or right Axis.
  • font - string - only iOS - this is Name of Font Name. Gets or sets font of all text in chart such as legend text, axis label text, description text, value in line text..etc.etc... To use it you need add file .ttf from app/fonts/font-name.ttf.
  • marker - ChartMarkerConfig - only work BarChart. set up config to show marker when select point in chart. SEE DETAIL IN DEMO. Usage marker: iOS: don't need setup. Android: go to demo-ng and copy file default_marker_view.xml in to App_Resources/Android/layout/default_marker_view.xml. Move it in your project with path likely. After add :
    <color name="marker_background">#cccccc</color>
<color name="marker_text_color">#000000</color>
<color name="text_view_color">#ff0000</color>

into App_Resources/Android/values/colors.xml. SEE DETAIL IN demo-ng


  • resetZoomLineChart() - Function -> void

Method will reset chart. Call it if some property is change but not apply in UI.

Data setup Properties

  • items - Array set Items to render chart. This is important. See more in demo and demo-ng (app.component).
  • labels - Array set list value will display in xAxis because default is show x value. A property will convert to value you want display. This is important. See more in demo and demo-ng (app.component).


DataSetChartInterface {
x: number;
y: number;

DataSetLabelInterface {
xAxisValue: number,
label: string

DataLineChartInterface {
dataSet: Array<DataSetChartInterface>;
lineColor: Color;
highlighColor?: Color;
circleHoleEnabled?: boolean;
circleColor?: Color;
circleEnable?: boolean;
legendLabel?: string;

YAxisFormatterInterface {
type: TypeFormatter,
numberOfDigits?: number
DataBarChartInterface {
dataSet: Array<DataSetChartInterface>;
legendLabel?: string;
highlighColor?: Color,
barColor?: Color;

ChartMarkerSize {
width: number,
height: number

ChartMarkerPadding {
top: number;
right: number;
bottom: number;
left: number;

ConfigDisplayData {
showXValue: boolean,
showYValue: boolean,
fixedXValue?: YAxisFormatterInterface,
fixedYValue?: YAxisFormatterInterface,
formatter: string;

ChartMarkerConfig {
backgroundColor?: Color,
textColor?: Color,
font?: string,
fontSize?: number,
padding?: {
x: number,
y: number
minimumSize?: ChartMarkerSize,
borderRadius?: number,
contentCenter?: boolean,
displayData: ConfigDisplayData,
xOffset?: number,
yOffset?: number,

Usage in Angular

  • Import NativeScriptMPLineChartModule in NgModule:
import { NativeScriptMPLineChartModule } from "nativescript-mpchart/angular";
imports: [
  • iOs: width and height will auto full in parent layout.
  • Android: height is auto so you need set

to full in parent layout.

<!-- app.component.html -->
<!-- line chart -->
<StackLayout height="500">
<MPLineChart *ngIf="dataSet" #lineChart [showLegend]="setUp.showLegend" [showGridLines]="setUp.showGridLines" [scaleEnable]="setUp.scaleEnable"
[descriptionText]="setUp.descriptionText" [descriptionXOffset]="setUp.descriptionXOffset" [descriptionYOffset]="setUp.descriptionYOffset"
[descriptionTextColor]="setUp.descriptionTextColor" [highlightPerTapEnabled]="setUp.highlightPerTapEnabled" [highlightPerDragEnabled]="setUp.highlightPerDragEnabled"
[xAxisGranularity]="setUp.xAxisGranularityProperty" [leftAxisGranularity]="setUp.leftAxisGranularityProperty" [rightAxisGranularity]="setUp.rightAxisGranularityProperty"
[xAxisLineColor]="setUp.xAxisLineColor" [leftAxisLineColor]="setUp.leftAxisLineColor" [rightAxisLineColor]="setUp.rightAxisLineColor"
[xAxisTextColor]="setUp.xAxisTextColor" [leftAxisTextColor]="setUp.leftAxisTextColor" [rightAxisTextColor]="setUp.rightAxisTextColor"
[xAxisMinValue]="setUp.xAxisMinValue" [leftAxisMinValue]="setUp.leftAxisMinValue" [rightAxisMinValue]="setUp.rightAxisMinValue"
[leftAxisMaxValue]="setUp.leftAxisMaxValue" [rightAxisMaxValue]="setUp.rightAxisMaxValue" [xAxisLabelPosition]="setUp.xAxisLabelPosition"
[leftAxisFormatter]="leftAxisFormatter" [rightAxisFormatter]="rightAxisFormatter" [items]="dataSet" [labels]="labels"
[font]="setUp.font" class="mp-chart">
<!-- bar chart -->
<StackLayout height="500">
<MPBarChart height="400" #lineChart *ngIf="barDataSet" [items]="barDataSet" [labels]="labels" [showLegend]="setUp.showLegend"
[showGridLines]="setUp.showGridLines" [scaleEnable]="setUp.scaleEnable" [descriptionText]="setUp.descriptionText"
[descriptionXOffset]="setUp.descriptionXOffset" [descriptionYOffset]="setUp.descriptionYOffset" [descriptionTextColor]="setUp.descriptionTextColor"
[xAxisGranularity]="setUp.xAxisGranularityProperty" [leftAxisGranularity]="setUp.leftAxisGranularityProperty" [rightAxisGranularity]="setUp.rightAxisGranularityProperty"
[xAxisLineColor]="setUp.xAxisLineColor" [leftAxisLineColor]="setUp.leftAxisLineColor" [rightAxisLineColor]="setUp.rightAxisLineColor"
[xAxisTextColor]="setUp.xAxisTextColor" [leftAxisTextColor]="setUp.leftAxisTextColor" [rightAxisTextColor]="setUp.rightAxisTextColor"
[xAxisMinValue]="setUp.xAxisMinValue" [leftAxisMinValue]="setUp.leftAxisMinValue" [rightAxisMinValue]="setUp.rightAxisMinValue"
[leftAxisMaxValue]="setUp.leftAxisMaxValue" [rightAxisMaxValue]="setUp.rightAxisMaxValue" [xAxisLabelPosition]="setUp.xAxisLabelPosition"
[leftAxisFormatter]="leftAxisFormatter" [rightAxisFormatter]="rightAxisFormatter" [font]="setUp.font"
[showValueLabels]="setUp.showValueLabels" [showLeftAxis]="setUp.showLeftAxis" [showRightAxis]="setUp.showRightAxis"
[marker]="markerConfig" class="mp-chart">
.mp-chart {
description-text-color: #00ff00;
x-axis-line-color: #ff0000;
left-axis-line-color: #005500;
right-axis-line-color: #ff00ff;
x-axis-text-color: #ff0000;
left-axis-text-color: #005500;
right-axis-text-color: #ff00ff;
// app.component.ts
import { Component } from "@angular/core";
import { DataLineChartInterface, DataSetChartInterface, DataSetLabelInterface,YAxisFormatterInterface } from "nativescript-mpchart";

selector: "ns-app",
templateUrl: "app.component.html",

export class AppComponent {

public setUp: any = {
showGridLines: false,
showLegend: true,
scaleEnable: true,
descriptionText: "Text for chart",
descriptionXOffset: 0,
descriptionYOffset: 0,
descriptionTextColor: "#ffff00",
highlightPerTapEnabled: true,
highlightPerDragEnabled: true,
xAxisGranularityProperty: 1,
leftAxisGranularityProperty: 20,
rightAxisGranularityProperty: 30,
xAxisLineColor: "#ff0000",
xAxisTextColor: "#ff0000",

leftAxisLineColor: "#0000ff",
leftAxisTextColor: "#0000ff",

rightAxisLineColor: "#00ff00",
rightAxisTextColor: "#00ff00",

xAxisMinValue: -1,
xAxisMaxValue: 4,

leftAxisMinValue: 0,
leftAxisMaxValue: 100,

rightAxisMinValue: 0,
rightAxisMaxValue: 70,

font: "Papyrus",
xAxisLabelPosition: "Bottom",
showValueLabels: false,
showLeftAxis: true,
showRightAxis: false,
public leftAxisFormatter: YAxisFormatterInterface = {
type: "Float",
numberOfDigits: 1
public rightAxisFormatter: YAxisFormatterInterface = {
type: "Float",
numberOfDigits: 1
public markerConfig: ChartMarkerConfig
public dataSet: Array<DataLineChartInterface>;
public barDataSet: Array<DataBarChartInterface>;
public labels: Array<DataSetLabelInterface>;
public changeDetectorRef: ChangeDetectorRef
) {
let cyan = new Color("#00FFFF");
let color = new Color("#FF0000");
let color1 = new Color("#00FF00");
let arrDataView1: Array<DataSetChartInterface> = [];
let arrDataView2: Array<DataSetChartInterface> = [];
let arrLabel: Array<DataSetLabelInterface> = [];
let arrDataView: Array<DataSetChartInterface> = [];
for (let i = 0; i < 8; i++) {
x: i,
y: i * 9,
x: i,
y: i + 30,

xAxisValue: i,
label: `Tháng ` + (i + 1)

let item: DataLineChartInterface = {
dataSet: arrDataView1,
lineColor: cyan,
highlighColor: color,
legendLabel: "arrDataView1"
let item1: DataLineChartInterface = {
dataSet: arrDataView2,
lineColor: color1,
highlighColor: color,
this.dataSet = [];
this.barDataSet = [];
dataSet: arrDataView1,
legendLabel: "barChartView1",
highlighColor: color,
barColor: color1
this.markerConfig = {
displayData: {
showXValue: false,
showYValue: true,
formatter: "Yvalue: {{y}}",
contentCenter: true,
xOffset: -30,
yOffset: -30,
backgroundColor: new Color("#0000ff"),
textColor: new Color("#ffffff"),
font: "Papyrus",
fontSize: 12,
padding: {
x: 20,
y: 10
this.labels = arrLabel;


When use plugin if you see error when build --aot in line import interface in file .component like this :

Module not found. Can't resolve "nativescript-mpchart" in "relative path*.component".

You can't try change to : import { ... } from "nativescript-mpchart/index" and delete all platform, hook, node_modules and rebuild. I think an error in platform and angular not in plugin because i see it when develop.


This repository includes both Angular and plain NativeScript demos. In order to run those execute the following in your shell:

$ git clone
$ cd nativescript-mpchart/src
$ npm install
$ npm run demo

This will run the plain NativeScript demo project on iOS. If you want to run it on Android simply use the .android instead of the .ios sufix.

If you want to run the Angular demo simply use the