A nativescript implementation of material tabs (with animations effects). For iOS and Android.
npm i --save nativescript-nbmaterial-tabs
  • Version: 1.0.0
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Nativescript implementation of the Material Tabs

The module implement Material tabs on both platforms iOS and Android. It includes animation effect when indicator is moving.

TabLayout extends the nativescript GridLayout

export function selectTabs(args) {
console.log("SELECT TABS: ", args.forward, args.index)

TabSep is the indicator TabTitle extends Label

<Page xmlns=""  xmlns:tab="nativescript-nbmaterial-tabs">
<tab:Tabs select="selectTabs" colSpan="4" row="1">
<tab:TabTitle text="Mes Chouks" />
<tab:TabTitle text="Mes Cat├ęgories" />
<tab:TabTitle text="Mes Recherches" />
<tab:TabTitle text="Mes Pages" />
<tab:TabTitle text="Mes Aller" />
<tab:TabTitle text="Mes Pourquoi" />


The TabLayout has this interface:

export declare class Tabs extends Layout {
public static selectEvent: string;
items: TabItem[];
selectedIndex: number;
rippleColor: Color;
barColor: Color;
unchecked: number;
activems: number;
inactivems: number;
autoselect: boolean;
scrollable: boolean;
isActive(item: TabItem);
setSelected(item: TabItem);
export declare class TabItem extends AbsoluteLayout {
public static tapEvent: string;
tab: Tabs;
isActive(): boolean;
activate(): void;
unactivate(): void;
export declare class TabTitle extends Label {
export declare class TabIcon extends Label {
export declare class TabSep extends View {

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