by Jen Looper | v2.1.0
A plugin for painters!
npm i --save nativescript-paint

NativeScript 7.0+

Use version 1.1.0 of the plugin

NativeScript Paint

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This plugin allows the artist to create paintings in an app using opacity and width settings cross platform. On iOS, an Airbrush as well as a Paintbrush is available. With the Airbrush, you can control Airbrush Flow to make the paint effect change. This plugin would be useful to folks who need a more art-friendly type plugin. Use with the Color Picker plugin to enable color changes.



tns plugin add nativescript-paint

Requiring the plugin

import { PaintPad } from 'nativescript-paint';

Using the PaintPad


  1. Add the plugin to your xml
<Page xmlns=""
  1. Create a PaintPad area
<paint:PaintPad canvasColor="#fff" id="paintPad" margin="10" width="280" height="280" drawColor="{{ drawColor }}" drawWidth="{{ drawWidth }}" airBrushFlow="{{ airBrushFlow }}" drawOpacity="{{ drawOpacity }}" />


  1. Register the plugin in a module
import { registerElement } from 'nativescript-angular/element-registry';
registerElement('PaintPad', () => require('nativescript-paint').PaintPad);
  1. Add it to your markup
  1. Reference the PaintPad by id to manipulate it
@ViewChild('PaintPad') PaintPad: ElementRef;
this.myPaintPad = this.PaintPad.nativeElement;


  1. In main.js, register the element:
Vue.registerElement('PaintPad', () => require('nativescript-paint').PaintPad);
  1. Use it in your app:
  1. Reference the PaintPad by ref to manipulate it
selectAirBrush() {


In /src, you can use npm scripts to run demos in vanilla JS, Angular and Vue. Run:

npm run demo.ios or npm run demo-ng.ios or npm run demo-vue.ios. Reset the demos similarly, running npm run demo(-ng or -vue).reset.


Describe any usage specifics for your plugin. Give examples for Android, iOS, Angular if needed. See nativescript-drop-down for example. javascript Usage code snippets here)

iOS Android
DAScratchPad FreeDrawView


Describe your plugin methods and properties here. See nativescript-feedback for example.

Property Default Description
drawWidth 5 width of the brush
drawColor #3489db a hex code for color
drawOpacity 1 (iOS) or 255 (Android) on iOS, set this to between 0-1. On Android, between 0-255
airBrushFlow 0.7 iOS only - how heavy the Airbrush paints
getPainting save an image of your painting
clearPainting clear the paint area
setToolType 0 iOS only - set 0 for Paintbrush, 1 for Airbrush


With gratitude to Brad Martin, author of the first drawing plugin NativeScript-Drawingpad, on which this plugin is heavily based, and to the help of Nathan Walker and Osei Fortune. ❤️


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004