A passportscanner NativeScript module for Android and iOS
npm i --save nativescript-passportscanner

NativeScript Flashlight Plugin

A plugin for using your device's flashlight in NativeScript Android and iOS apps.


Run the following command from the root of your project:

$ tns plugin add nativescript-flashlight

This command automatically installs the necessary files, as well as stores nativescript-flashlight as a dependency in your project's package.json file.


To use the flashlight module you must first require() it:

// JavaScript
var flashlight = require("nativescript-flashlight");

Or if you’re using TypeScript, import the module:

// TypeScript
import * as flashlight from "nativescript-flashlight";

After you have a reference to the module you can then call its on(), off(), and toggle() methods. For example, the code below turns your device's flashlight on with an intensity setting of 25%.

The optional intensity is supported only on iOS and is by default 1.0, which is 100% brightness.

// my-page.js
var flashlight = require("nativescript-flashlight");
intensity: 0.25

In most cases you'll want to wrap your on() call with a check of isAvailable(), to handle devices where a flashlight is not available:

// my-page.js
var flashlight = require("nativescript-flashlight");
if (flashlight.isAvailable()) {
} else {
alert("A flashlight is not available on your device.");


The code below creates a button that toggles the device's flashlight:

<!-- my-page.xml -->
<Page loaded="pageLoaded">
<Button text="{{ flashlightState }}" tap="{{ toggleFlashlight }}" />
// my-page.js
var flashlight = require("nativescript-flashlight");
var observable = require("data/observable");
var viewModel = new observable.Observable();

// Set the initial text of the button
viewModel.set("flashlightState", "Turn on");

// A tap handle for the page's button. Toggle the state of the flashlight
// and the button's text
viewModel.toggleFlashlight = function() {
if (flashlight.isAvailable()) {
intensity: 0.6 // optional, supported on iOS only (default: 1.0 which is 100% brightness)
viewModel.set("flashlightState", (flashlight.isOn() ? "Turn off" : "Turn on"));
} else {
alert("A flashlight is not available on your device.");

function pageLoaded(args) {
var page = args.object;
page.bindingContext = viewModel;

exports.pageLoaded = pageLoaded;