by wytzen | v0.0.3
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android
npm i --save nativescript-pdf-view-private

NativeScript PDFView

A minimal PDF view implementation that does only one thing, and that is to display PDF files in the simplest way possible. It conveniently uses the iOS WKWebView, and for Android it uses AndroidPdfViewer.

This plugin does the bare minimum required to render the PDF, no configuration options, and no error handling have been built yet. I welcome all Pull Requests!

My aim is to keep the features consistent across iOS and Android.


tns plugin add nativescript-pdf-view


Vanilla NativeScript


<pdf:PDFView src="{{ pdfUrl }}" load="{{ onLoad }}" />

Angular NativeScript

import { PDFView } from 'nativescript-pdf-view';
import { registerElement } from 'nativescript-angular';
registerElement('PDFView', () => PDFView);
<PDFView [src]="src" (load)="onLoad()"></PDFView>


Check out the demo folder for a demo application using this plugin. You can run the demo by executing npm run demo.ios and npm run from the root directory of the project.