by spike1292 | v3.1.0
A NativeScript plugin to display PDF files on iOS and Android, with support for Xcode 8
npm i --save nativescript-pdf-viewer


This is a very basic PDF view implementation that does only one thing, and that is to display PDF files. It conveniently uses the iOS UIWebView, but for Android it uses AndroidPdfViewer.

This plugin does the bare minimum required to render the PDF, no configuration options, and no error handling have been built yet. I welcome all Pull Requests!



Check out the demo folder for a sample usage.

Angular 2

If you're using the plugin with Angular 2, the plugin automatically registers PDFViewer as a valid tag for Angular templates. Usage is simple:

  1. Make sure to import nativescript-pdf-viewer somewhere in your code, e.g:
import 'nativescript-pdf-viewer';
  1. Include the tag in your template:
<PDFViewer [src]="localPath"></PDFViewer>

Try the Demo

To try the demo run the following commands:

npm run setup
npm run demo.ios
npm run