by mike-partium | v2.0.1
A pdf viewer plugin for nativescript which uses PDFKit on ios and com.github.barteksc:android-pdf-viewer on android
npm i --save nativescript-pdfview-ng


This is a simple pdf viewer plugin that uses native libraries.

  • IOS: PdfKit (
  • Android: AndroidPdfViewer (

Plugin version 2.0.0+ is compatible and tested with Nativescript 7, for older NS versions please use previous plugin versions.


tns plugin add nativescript-pdfview-ng


copy the tgz file to your project and reference it from your package.json


Just add it to your page:

<Page xmlns="" class="page"

<ui:PDFViewNg src="~/mypdf.pdf" defaultpage="1"></ui:PDFViewNg>


import { PDFViewNg } from 'nativescript-pdfview-ng';
import { registerElement } from 'nativescript-angular';
registerElement('PDFViewNg', () => PDFViewNg);
<Page xmlns="" class="page">
<PDFViewNg src="~/mypdf.pdf" defaultpage="1"></PDFViewNg>



Property Default Description
src - File url to a pdf file, can also be http
defaultpage "0" Initial page number to display
bookmarklabel - Search for a bookmark with the matching label and jump to the page
bookmarkpath - Search for a bookmark by indices within the tree structure of bookmarks


/// Go to page by id starting from 0 as first page.
goToPage(index: number) : void;

/// Go to first page.
goToFirstPage() : void;

/// Go to last page.
goToLastPage() : void;

/// Get a list of all bookmarks in the pdf.
getBookmarks(): Bookmark[];

/// Search for bookmark that is exactly at the given position in the tree structure
/// e.g.: [1,3] would mean to first get the second root bookmark (0 based index) and
/// then get its fourth child if it exists
getBookmarkByIndexPath(indexes: number[]): Bookmark;

/// Search for all bookmarks that have the given label.
getBookmarksByLabel(label: string): BookmarkCommon[];

/// Jump to a given bookmark.
goToBookmark(bookmark: Bookmark): void;

/// Get meta information author from PDF.
getAuthor(): string;

/// Get meta information subject from PDF.
getSubject(): string;

/// Get meta information title from PDF.
getTitle(): string;

/// Get meta information creator from PDF.
getCreator(): string;

/// Get meta information creator from PDF.
getCreationDate(): string;

/// Get page count of currently loaded pdf
getPageCount(): number;

/// Load pdf from code.
/// Replaces the currently loaded pdf.
/// The promise gets resolved after loading, or rejected if something failed.
loadPDF(src: string): Promise<any>;

/// only implemented for iOS
/// Detect available programs for file extension and opens the interaction controller
/// The source should contain accessible path for the application
showExternalControler(src: string, rect: ControllerRect): void;


defaultpage: jump to page 4

<ui:PDFViewNg src="~/test.pdf" defaultpage="3"></ui:PDFViewNg>

bookmarklabel: jump to bookmark with label "PAGE 3"

<ui:PDFViewNg src="~/test.pdf" bookmarklabel="PAGE 3"></ui:PDFViewNg>

bookmarkpath: jump to the first child-bookmark of the third bookmark (bookmarks have a tree structure)

<ui:PDFViewNg src="~/test.pdf" bookmarkpath="2,0"></ui:PDFViewNg>

go to the first found bookmark with the label "PAGE 4"

<ui:PDFViewNg src="~/test.pdf" id="pdfview"></ui:PDFViewNg>
let view:PDFViewNg = page.getViewById('pdfview');
if (view){
let items = view.getBookmarksByLabel("PAGE 4");
console.error("unable to load pdf");

dynamic loading with promises just use an empty src tag in the xml

<ui:PDFViewNg id="pdfview"></ui:PDFViewNg>
let view:PDFViewNg = page.getViewById('pdfview');
if (view){
let items = view.getBookmarksByLabel("PAGE 4");
console.error("could not load pdf: ", err);

Show controller on button tap

<ui:PDFViewNg id="pdfview"></ui:PDFViewNg>
<button text="Open external" tap="onButtonTap"></button>
let view:PDFViewNg = page.getViewById('pdfview');

function onButtonTap(args: EventData) {
const button = <Button>args.object;
const size = button.getActualSize();
const position = button.getLocationOnScreen();
const rect = {
x: position.x,
y: position.y,
width: size.width,
height: size.height

Known bugs

  • Android does not support jumping directly to a bookmark. It only jumps to the page the bookmark is on.