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NativeScript QuickBlox JS SDK
npm i --save nativescript-quickblox

NativeScript QuickBlox JavaScript SDK

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The QuickBlox JavaScript SDK provides a JavaScript library making it even easier to access the QuickBlox cloud communication backend platform.

QuickBlox is a suite of communication features & data services (APIs, SDKs, code samples, admin panel, tutorials) which help digital agencies, mobile developers and publishers to add great communication functionality to smartphone applications like in Skype, WhatsApp, Viber.

Check out our API Reference for more detailed information about our SDK.

Work in progress...


npm install nativescript-quickblox --save

And you're ready to go:

var QB = require('nativescript-quickblox');

// OR to create many QB instances
var QuickBlox = require('nativescript-quickblox').QuickBlox;
var QB1 = new QuickBlox();
var QB2 = new QuickBlox();

Download ZIP archive

NativeScript QuickBlox JavaScript SDK, zip archive


You can look at it here

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