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Prompt users to rate the Telerik NativeScript application
npm i --save nativescript-ratings

NativeScript Application Ratings

This Telerik NativeScript plugin will prompt the user to rate your application after a defined amount of calls, or preferably, a defined amount of application opens.

NativeScript Ratings


This plugin will work for both Android and iOS. To install it into your project, execute the following from your Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac and Linux) with the project as the current working directory:

tns plugin add nativescript-ratings

Using the Demo Project

This plugin has a demo project bundled with it. To give it a try without creating a fresh project, execute the following with the plugin directory as the current working directory:

npm run setup
npm run demo.ios
npm run

Running demo.ios or will run for the appropriate platform.

Using the Ratings Plugin (TypeScript)

The plugin is very basic. First, it must be included within your project like so:

import { Ratings } from "nativescript-ratings";

With the plugin imported it can be initialized like so:

let ratings = new Ratings({
id: "appname-1.0.0",
showOnCount: 5,
title: "Please rate",
text: "Will you please rate my app?",
agreeButtonText: "Rate Now",
remindButtonText: "Remind Me Later",
declineButtonText: "No Thanks",
androidPackageId: "com.nativescript.demo",
iTunesAppId: "12345"

Of the above configuration properties, only the title and text are required. All other properties have default values, which you can choose to override by including your own.

To increase the show-counter, the init() function must be called like so:


Finally, a prompt can be shown if the show-count matches what was defined in the configuration properties:


If the remind button is pressed, the counter is reset and will show again when the values match.


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