Redux Devtools for NativeScript
npm i --save nativescript-redux-devtools
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Redux Devtools for NativeScript

Setting up in existing {N} app:

npm i nativescript-redux-devtools --save

Add the devTools enchanser to your store:

var isAndroid = require("platform").isAndroid;
var devTools = require('remote-redux-devtools').default;

// For Android emulator:, For Genymotion
var hostname = isAndroid ? "" : "localhost";

var store = createStore(counter, devTools({
port: 8000,
realtime: true

The hostname can be localhost for iOS emulators or for Android ( for genymotion).

For real devices connected over USB you can use adb reverse for Android 21+, or your computer's IP over WiFi.

Server setups

For a test drive you can install the remote-server:

npm i remotedev-server --save-dev

And start it using npm script, add this in the package.json:

    "scripts": {
"remotedev": "remotedev --hostname=localhost --port=8000"

Run it with:

npm run remotedev

Your app should connect to that server. Further you can install the RemoteDev Chrome app and use it to manage your {N} app.