Your awesome NativeScript plugin for render a reviews box
npm i --save nativescript-reviews
  • Version: 1.0.4
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Nativescript Reviews

ready to use reviews box


tns plugin add nativescript-reviews

click here to Download fontawesome-webfont.ttf or download from fontawesome website

  • Place font icon .ttf file in app/fonts, like below:


<UI:Reviews reviews="{{ reviews }}"  />

with more options

<!-- default -->
<UI:Reviews reviews="{{ reviews }}" />
<!-- reviews with custom date handler -->
<UI:Reviews dateHandler="arabicDateTime" title="With date handler" reviews="{{ reviews }}" scroll="false" />
<!-- reviews with custom plugin for caching -->
<UI:Reviews title="Image cache plugins " scroll="false" plugin="{{ plugin }}" imagetag="{{ imagetag }}" reviews="{{ reviewsWithWebImages }}" />
<!-- reviews with scroll inside -->
<UI:Reviews title="Scroll inside" scroll="true" reviews="{{ lotofreviews }}" />

refresh() this function you can triger after you get remote data

let review = getViewById('review'); //you can do remote request or delay review.refresh(); // then refresh your values

see demo for more details

Property Default Description
reviews required Array of reivew object {image: "~/images/icon-50.png", username: "Moayad Najdawi", review: "this is the first review", rate: 5, datetime: new Date( - 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000)}
scroll true enable or disable scrollview inside the reviews holder
showHeader true to hide or show review title with the underline style
imagetag the xml element of the image so you can change it if you need to add cache plugin or something
plugin empty string plugin include statment like xmlns:IC="nativescript-web-image-cache"
title reviews the title of the reviews box
dateHandler a go you can change the date text by provide filter inside app resources see app.ts
user event fire on tap on user image or name return the review object