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NativeScript plugin that add a view that can be rotated in 3d i.e around x ,y or z.
npm i --save nativescript-rotate-3d
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NativeScript Rotate3D

This is a nativescript plugin to add 3d rotaion (i.e around X, Y and Z).


tns plugin add nativescript-rotate-3d


<Rotate3D rotate="40" axis="Y" cameraDistance="2000">
/* Whatever you want */


Since we're subclassing StackLayout, you can add <Rotate3D> to your view at any place where you'd otherwise use a StackLayout.

In addition to any properties you can already set on a StackLayout you should add:

Param Description default
rotateAxis the axis whic the view will rotate around (X, Y, Z) Z
cameraDistance the distance between the view and view camera 2000


  • [x] implement rotaion in X, Y, Z.
  • [ ] handel animation using view animate method.
  • [ ] improve procpective relation between ios and android.


if you want to help improve the plugin you can consider it yours and make as PRs as you want :)

Get Help

Please, use github issues strictly for reporting bugs or requesting features.


Twitter: hamdiwanis
Email: [email protected]