by jackywang | v1.1.11
A Sqlcipher plugin for nativescript application. Inspired by nativescript-sqlite module.
npm i --save nativescript-sqlcipher

Nativescript Sqlcipher

A sqlcipher module for nativescript application.
Inspired by NathanaelA/Nativescript-Sqlite

Create/Open Database

Before creating database, nativescript-sqlcipher module must be imported.
var Database = require('nativescript-sqlcipher');
Then create a new database:
var sqlcipher = new Database(dbname, options, callbackFn)
where in nativescript-sqlite module, options only support readOnly property where now options can read key property as PRAGMA Key for database encryption.

  var options = {
readOnly: false,
key: 'Password' // key must be a string

If property key is missing, or in a wrong format. Database would not be encrypted.


  var Database = require('nativescript-sqlcipher');

var options = {
key: 'Password'
var sqlcipher = new Database('myDatabase', options); //sqlcipher is a Promise type
.then( (db)=>{
db.execSQL('CREATE TABLE my_first_table (name TEXT, age INTEGER);');
.catch( (err)=>{
alert('Database creation failed.');

Update Log

01 Dec 2017

Fixed Compiling Error in Xcode 9

06 Oct 2017

Added all updates to sqlcipher.ios.js from NathanaelA/Nativescript-Sqlite.