by tns-bot | v0.3.5
CLI extension for the NatvieScript CLI
npm i --save nativescript-starter-kits


A NativeScript CLI extension for managing templates

Automatic Installation

You can install this extension using the Nativescript CLI

$ tns extension install nativescript-starter-kits

Manual Installation and Development

Download the GIT repository in you favorite projects directory

$ git clone [email protected]:NativeScript/nativescript-starter-kits.git

Run the following commands to install all dependencies, transpile all Ts files and to pack the extension.

$ npm i --ignore-scripts
$ npm i -g grunt-cli (only in case you do not have it installed globally)

$ grunt
$ grunt pack

These commands will create a .tgz file in the extension folder

Install the npm package

$ tns extension install <path to nativescript-starter-kits>.tgz

Public API

Get proper nativescript reference

const pathToPackage = require("global-modules-path").getPath("nativescript", "tns");
const tns = require(pathToPackage);

Load all available extensions

* @name loadExtensions
* @description Loads all currently installed extensions
* @return {Promise<any>[]} - On Success: Array of Promises, one for each installed extension
Promise.all(tns.extensibilityService.loadExtensions()).then((loadedExtensions) => {
console.log("All extensions loaded successfully!");
}).catch((error) => {
Get details for all installed templates
* @name getTemplates
* @description List all available templates
* @return {Promise<Array<any>>} - On Success: Array of Objects with Details about each template
tns.templateService.getTemplates().then((templates) => {
}).catch((error) => {
Get details for a single App template
* @name getAppTemplateDetails
* @description The method returns details about a single app template.
* @param {string} templateName - The name of the template
* @returns {Promise<any>} - Object with details about the app template
getAppTemplateDetails(templateName: string): any;

tns.templateService.getAppTemplateDetails("templateName").then((details) => {
}).catch((error) => {

Run tests

Before running the test you need to transpile all files and dependencies.

$ grunt pack
$ npm run test


If you have found an issue with this extension, please report the problem in the Issues section.