by pierremg | v1.0.6
A temporary key storage for Android and iOS.
npm i --save nativescript-temporary-key-storage

NativeScript Temporary Key Storage

I wrote this simple plugin for my use, and it works well for what it's intended for. It temporarily stores a key in an SQLCipher database. The database uses a random encryption key that changes in a predefined period, and it'll keep changing its key for as long as the app is running. Once the user or system kills the app, the user will need to provide his password again.


tns plugin add nativescript-temporary-key-storage


Import the plugin:

import { keyStorage, processDb } from 'nativescript-temporary-key-storage';

Storing the key:

keyStorage(myKeyGoesHere, 60000);

Here we're calling the keyStorage function passing two arguments. The first one is the key itself, and the second is the amount of time (milliseconds) you want the database to change its encryption key. This function should be called right after the user logs in, so you can retrieve his key whenever your app needs it.

Getting the key:

let mainKey = {key:""};
let requestKey = new processDb();
setTimeout(function() {
mainKey.key = requestKey.returnKey();
if (mainKey.key === ""){
// Do something here!
} else {
// Do something else!

We need to request the key inside a setTimout function; otherwise, it will return nothing. We also need to check if any key was returned, and that's why we used if (mainKey.key === "") in our example.