by triniwiz | v1.0.2
NativeScript plugin to create images from text
npm i --save nativescript-textdrawable

npm npm #Installation tns plugin add nativescript-textdrawable


import {TextDrawable} from 'nativescript-textdrawable'
var image = new TextDrawable();

Text to display

image.text = 'O'

Text color

image.textColor = 'white' //Color can be set using hex || short hex || name || arbg

Font Size

image.fontSize = 75

Image width

image.width = 100

Image height

image.height = 100


image.withBorder = 5


image.toUpperCase = true

Background Color

image.bgColor = red //Color can be set using hex || short hex || name || arbg ... Random color is used if unset


image.bold = true

Type / Shape

Retangle image.type = 'rect'

Round image.type = 'round'

Round Rectangle

image.type = 'roundRect'

image.radius = 30 //default 10

###Xml markup settings

IMPORTANT: Make sure you include xmlns:td="nativescript-textdrawable" on the Page element

e.g <td:TextDrawable width="75" height="75" text="of" textColor="white" toUpperCase="true" withBorder="1" type="round" bgColor="#2196F3"/>