by Antonio Cueva | v1.2.1
A NativeScript module providing native Android time and date pickers
npm i --save nativescript-timedatepicker


A NativeScript plugin providing native date and time pickers for Android and iOS.

##Android side alt tag ##iOS side alt tag


//Import the plugin
import * as TimeDatePicker from 'nativescript-timedatepicker';

//Create a callback function
let mCallback = ((result) => {
if (result) {
alert("the time is "+result);

//Initialize the PickerManager (.init(yourCallback, title, initialDate))


//Show the dialog

For more examples of usage see the demo main-view-model.ts.

##IOS localization

If you want the buttons to be on some other language than english you have to add that language to your project on xcode.

alt tag

##Credits This plugin abstract two native libraries, hence here are the project and deserved merit to the creators.

For iOS
For Android