by whins | v3.0.4
Fork of nativescript-toolbox - A NativeScript module that is a composition of useful classes, tools and helpers.
npm i --save nativescript-toolbox-sw

npm npm

NativeScript Toolbox

A NativeScript module that is a composition of useful classes, tools and helpers.

The module contains the following sub modules:

Name Description
crypto-js Library of crypto standards.
JS-YAML YAML 1.2 parser / writer.
markdown Markdown parser.
Moment A lightweight JavaScript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.
nativescript-apiclient Simply call HTTP based APIs.
nativescript-batch Implement batch operations.
nativescript-bitmap-factory Create and manipulate bitmap images.
nativescript-email An Email plugin for use in your NativeScript app. You can use it to compose emails, edit the draft manually, and send it.
nativescript-enumerable Provides LINQ style extensions for handling arrays and lists.
nativescript-lazy Provides an OOP version of the build-in lazy function.
nativescript-routed-values Implement routed value graphs.
nativescript-sqlite (free) Provides sqlite actions.
nativescript-stringformat Helpers for handling strings.
nativescript-xmlobjects Handles XML data as objects similar to LINQ to XML.



MIT license


  • Android
  • iOS



tns plugin add nativescript-toolbox

inside your app project to install the module.


import Toolbox = require('nativescript-toolbox');

The module provides the following function that are short hands for the included sub modules:

Name Description
allowToSleep Allows the device to go to sleep mode (based on nativescript-insomnia).
asBitmap Returns a value as bitmap object.
asEnumerable Returns a value as sequence.
createBitmap Creates a new bitmap.
decrypt Decrypts a value / an object with AES.
encrypt Encrypts a value / an object with AES.
format Formats a string.
formatArray Formats a string.
fromMarkdown Converts Markdown code.
fromXml Alias for 'parseXml'.
fromYaml Alias for 'parseYaml'.
getApplicationContext Returns the current application context.
getClipboard Returns an object that handles the clipboard of the device.
getNativeView Returns the native view of the app.
getOrientation Gets the current orientation of the device (based on nativescript-orientation).
getPlatform Returns information of the current platform.
getValue Tries to return a value / object that is stored in the application settings.
guid Alias for 'uuid'.
hash Generic hash function.
hasValue Checks if a value / object is stored in the application settings.
hideStatusBar Short hand function for 'setStatusBarVisibility' for hiding the status bar.
invokeForConnectivity Invokes logic for a specific connectivity type. Requires permissions on Android (android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE), e.g.
invokeForOrientation Invokes a callback for specific orientation mode.
invokeForPlatform Invokes an action for a specific platform.
isEnumerable Checks if a value is a sequence.
keepAwake Keeps the device awake (based on nativescript-insomnia).
markdownToHtml Short hand for 'fromMarkdown()' with HTML as target format.
markdownToJson Short hand for 'fromMarkdown()' with JSON as target format.
md5 Hashes a value with MD5.
newBatch Creates a new batch.
newClient Creates a new API client.
now Gets the current time.
openDatabase Opens a (SQLite) database (connection).
openUrl Open an URL on the device.
openWifiSettings Opens the WiFi settings on the device.
parseXml Parses a XML string to an object.
parseYaml Parses YAML data to an object.
removeValue Removes a value / object that is stored in the application settings.
setStatusBarVisibility Changes the visibility of the device's status bar (based on nativescript-status-bar).
setValue Stores a value / object in the application settings.
sha1 Hashes a value with SHA-1.
sha256 Hashes a value with SHA-256.
sha3 Hashes a value with SHA-3.
sha384 Hashes a value with SHA-384.
sha512 Hashes a value with SHA-512.
showStatusBar Short hand function for 'setStatusBarVisibility' for showing the status bar.
startMonitoringForConnectivity Starts monitoring for connectivity (changes). Requires permissions on Android (android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE), e.g.
stopMonitoringForConnectivity Stops monitoring for connectivity. Requires permissions on Android (android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE), e.g.
toYaml Converts an object / a value to YAML.
uuid Creates a new unique ID / GUID (s. Create GUID / UUID in JavaScript?).
vibrate Vibrates the device. Requires permissions on Android (android.permission.VIBRATE), e.g. (based on nativescript-vibrate)

Sub modules


Here are some examples of common algorithms:

var AES = require("nativescript-toolbox/crypto-js/aes");
var MD5 = require('nativescript-toolbox/crypto-js/md5');
var SHA1 = require('nativescript-toolbox/crypto-js/sha1');
var SHA256 = require('nativescript-toolbox/crypto-js/sha256');
var SHA3 = require('nativescript-toolbox/crypto-js/sha3');
var SHA384 = require('nativescript-toolbox/crypto-js/sha384');
var SHA512 = require('nativescript-toolbox/crypto-js/sha512');


var YAML = require('nativescript-toolbox/js-yaml');


var Markdown = require('nativescript-toolbox-sw/markdown').markdown;

var json = Markdown.parse('Vessel | Captain\n-----------|-------------\nNCC-1701 | James T Kirk\nNCC-1701 A | James T Kirk\nNCC-1701 D | Picard',
var html = Markdown.toHTML('Vessel | Captain\n-----------|-------------\nNCC-1701 | James T Kirk\nNCC-1701 A | James T Kirk\nNCC-1701 D | Picard',


import Moment = require('nativescript-toolbox/moment');


import ApiClient = require('nativescript-toolbox/apiclient');


import Batch = require('nativescript-toolbox/batch');


import BitmapFactory = require('nativescript-toolbox/bitmap-factory');


import Email = require('nativescript-toolbox/email');


import Enumerable = require('nativescript-toolbox/enumerable');


import Lazy = require('nativescript-toolbox/lazy');


import RoutedValues = require('nativescript-toolbox/routed-values');


var SQLite = require('nativescript-toolbox/sqlite');


import StringFormat = require('nativescript-toolbox/stringformat');


import XmlObjects = require('nativescript-toolbox/xmlobjects');