by Morten Sj√łgren | v1.9.1-r1
Add support for tslib helpers in NativeScript projects
npm i --save nativescript-tslib

tslib for nativescript

tslib is a runtime library for TypeScript that contains all of the TypeScript helper functions.

Unfortunately just importing tslib breaks NativeScript projects.

This plugin solves this issue.


Install module

npm i --save nativescript-tslib

Edit: app/main.ts

import 'nativescript-tslib'; // <-- Add this

// this import should be first in order to load some required settings (like globals and reflect-metadata)
import { platformNativeScriptDynamic } from 'nativescript-angular/platform';

import { AppModule } from './app.module';

// A traditional NativeScript application starts by initializing global objects, setting up global CSS rules, creating, and navigating to the main page.
// Angular applications need to take care of their own initialization: modules, components, directives, routes, DI providers.
// A NativeScript Angular app needs to make both paradigms work together, so we provide a wrapper platform object, platformNativeScriptDynamic,
// that sets up a NativeScript application and can bootstrap the Angular framework.

You can enable importHelpers in tsconfig.json, but you might break your app if you extend native-classes.


You can set tsconfig.json target to es6, but when you can't extend native classes in your project.