NativeScript plugin for UXCam.
npm i --save nativescript-uxcam

NativeScript UXCam


tns plugin add nativescript-uxcam

NB: UXCam on iOS needs a minimum version of iOS 10.0



import {NSUXCam} from 'nativescript-uxcam';


Hiding sensitive view

const sensitiveView = page.getViewById("<id-of-sensitive-view>");

// Angular - replace <elementRefToOcclude> with your element reference after page is loaded
const sensitiveView = this.

Event logging

// log event
NSUXCam.logEvent("<Event name>");

// log event with properties
NSUXCam.logEventWithProperties("<Event name>", {
"prop-key": "<prop-value>"


API Description
startWithKey Start session with app key
startNewSession Start new session
stopSessionAndUploadData Stop current session and upload data
urlForCurrentSession Get URL for current session
urlForCurrentUser Get URL for current user
occludeSensitiveScreen Hide/unhide screen while sensitive view is present
occludeAllTextFields Hide all text input fields
setUserIdentity Set user identity
setUserProperty Set property for current user
logEvent Log event
logEventWithProperties Log event with properties
pauseScreenRecording Pause the screen recording
resumeScreenRecording Resume the screen recording
optOutOverall This will cancel any current session recording and opt this device out of future session recordings
optInOverall Current session will be stopped and a new session will be started with the last settings
optIntoVideoRecording This will opt this device into video recording for future sessions
optOutOfVideoRecording This will opt this device out of video recording for future sessions
optInVideoRecordingStatus Returns the opt-in video status of this device
optInOverallStatus Returns the opt-in status of this device
cancelCurrentSession Cancels the recording of the current session and discards the data
setMultiSessionRecord Set whether to record multiple sessions or not
deletePendingUploads Deletes any sessions that are awaiting upload
pendingSessionCount Returns how many sessions are waiting to be uploaded
occludeSensitiveView Hide a view that contains sensitive information or that you do not want recording
unOccludeSensitiveView Unhides occluded view
occludeSensitiveViewWithoutGesture Occludes sensitive view and disables gesture capture for that view
tagScreenName Tag screen name. Useful for framework like flutter, react native and nativescript, where application is rendered in single controller or activity
setAutomaticScreenNameTagging Enable / disable the automatic tagging of screen names
setPushNotificationToken Set the token to be used to send push notifications to the app
reportBugEvent Send a report of a problem your app encountered to be displayed in the dashboard
reportBugEventProperties Send bug event with associated properties