by Win Min Tun | v1.0.7
NativeScript video player with fullscreen support
npm i --save nativescript-vidplayer

NativeScript Video Player with Fullscreen support

NativeScript Video Player with Fullscreen, auto-play, on complete and on error callbacks. Tested with mp4, mp3, mov

Platform Support

Currently only support Android. Any collaborator for iOS support is welcomed!

##Android side alt tag


The plugin is developed using nativescript plugin seed ( Pls see demo for full example.

    <Video:Vidplayer id="video" src="{{ videoSrc }}" autoPlay="true" onComplete="{{ onComplete }}" onError="{{ onError }}" />


  • src - required

Video source (online or local)

  • autoPlay - optional

Auto play true/false

  • fullScreen - optional

Default is true. Fullscreen button hide/show

  • onComplete - optional

on complete callback

  • onError - optional

on error (when video cannot be played) callback


Credit goes to the native android library ( by Toshiro (

Contributing - Support for iOS?

Currently there is no support for iOS. Any suggestion (iOS library, etc) and/or contribution is welcomed!