Nativescript plugin to simulate an iBeacon on iOS and Android
npm i --save nativescript-virtual-ibeacon

npm npm

NativeScript Virtual Beacon Transmitter

Transform your phone in an iBeacon transmitter (only in foreground).

Install it

tns plugin add nativescript-virtual-ibeacon

Use it

import {NativescriptVirtualIbeacon} from 'nativescript-virtual-ibeacon';
let nativescriptVirtualIbeacon: NativescriptVirtualIbeacon = new NativescriptVirtualIbeacon();
this.nativescriptVirtualIbeacon.startAdvertisingBeaconWithString("2f234454-cf6d-4a0f-adf2-f4911ba9ffa6", "HelloID", 123, 456);


  • Better Demo
  • Check if the transmission is supported by the phone
  • Debug