Web Image Cache With Fresco

by Batheja Sumeet

A wrapper over SDWebImageCache for iOS and Facebook Fresco for android for remote image caching on NativeScript

Nativescript web image cache

A minimalistic NativeScript plugin that wraps just the caching functionality of SDWebImageCache library for IOS and Facebook Fresco for android. Note - It cannot be used to display local images, only URLS work, for local images, use NS Image tag


Released under the MIT License, anybody can freely include this in any type of program -- However, if in need of support contract, changes, enhancements and/or a commercial license please contact me (sumeet@videospike.com).


tns plugin add nativescript-web-image-cache

** Tested on NativeScript 2.0, if any problems while running on previous versions, please update .This version of plugin has breaking changes, if you are using version 1.0.3 of this plugin , please migrate, it is easy to migrate and this version of plugin supports android as well , if you still prefer running on the previous version, use tns plugin add nativescript-web-image-cache@1.0.3.**