Zeroconf/Bonjour implementation for NativeScript
npm i --save nativescript-zeroconf


This nativescript-zeroconf plugin provides a Zeroconf/Bonjour implementation for both iOS and Android. Currently, it only supports discovering domains and services in the local network. Should there be any requests, I might implement the service registration parts as well (please open an issue to let me know).

Demo Application

This repository contains a demo application in the demo-angular folder that uses this plugin to display discovered Zeroconf domains and services. The demo app can be a good starting point for your app and may be used for narrowing down issues whilst debugging. Just clone this repo and run npm run demo.ios or npm run in the src folder.

The demo app searches for by default for http services, but you can easily adjust the serviceType in app/zeroconf/zeroconf.provider.ts.


tns plugin add nativescript-zeroconf


First, import the plugin into your provider/component, and, since the plugin returns an Observable also the relevant types:

import { Zeroconf } from 'nativescript-zeroconf';
import { Observable, PropertyChangeData } from 'tns-core-modules/data/observable';

Then, instantiate a Zeroconf and define the event listeners:

    this.zeroconf = new Zeroconf('_http._tcp.', 'local.'); // param 1 = service type, param 2 = domain

/* define event listener */

this.zeroconf.on(Observable.propertyChangeEvent, (data: PropertyChangeData) => {
switch(data.propertyName.toString()) {
case 'serviceFound': {
console.log(`serviceFound: ${JSON.stringify(data.value)}`);


Tip: have a look at the demo project for an example implementation


Describe your plugin methods and properties here. See nativescript-feedback for example.

Property Default Description
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MIT license (see LICENSE file)