by dariof | v1.1.1
Useful tools for NativeScript Angular development
npm i --save nsngdaftools


This extension adds 3 CLI programs useful for NativeScript Angular projects.

How to launch them

Using relatively new versions of npm the package npx is installed by default, so to execute the CLI utility x (even if only local) npx x arguments... is sufficient.

Utilities list

  • NgLocalCM [app]: creates _daf_comps and _daf_mods TypeScript glue code with local components and submodules imports.
  • NsNgComponentTemplate component [module] [app]: creates a component with template and style in the directory of or its own if not speficied.
  • NsNgModuleTemplate module [app]: creates a module with relative router and local component inclusion based uppon _daf_comps.