Template Brightwork Ng

by Matti Salokangas

Simple Hello World template for NativeScript apps using Angular 2 and Brightwork.

NativeScript Template with Angular 2 and BrightWork

Telerik NativeScript template using Angular 2 for the frontend and BrightWork as the backend.


Getting Started

Before using this template you will need to setup your system to run NativeScript. It is recommended you read through the quick-setup here and to install the NativeScript CLI.

To create a new NativeScript project using this template you'll need to use the NativeScript CLI with the --template option.

  • tns create my-app-name --template tns-template-brightwork-ng
  • cd my-app-name
  • tns platform add ios for IOS or tns platform add android for Android

BrightWork Setup

Sign up if you haven't already at http://www.brightwork.io/. It is also recommend that you read throug