Template Hello World Ts

by Telerik

Nativescript hello-world-ts project template

NativeScript TypeScript Template

This template creates a NativeScript app with the NativeScript hello world example, however, in this template the example is built with TypeScript.

You can create a new app that uses this template with either the --template option.

tns create my-app-name --template tns-template-hello-world-ts

Or the --tsc shorthand.

tns create my-app-name --tsc

Note: Both commands will create a new NativeScript app that uses the latest version of this template published to npm.

If you want to create a new app that uses the source of the template from the master branch, you can execute the following:

tns create my-app-name --template https://github.com/NativeScript/template-hello-world-ts.git#master

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