Rachnerd Test Plugin

by Rachnerd

Workaround for NativeScript to run unit tests located in source code (Angular style guide)

NativeScript tests hook

Workaround for running unit tests located in source code (according to Angular style guide)

Currently NativeScript runs spec files located in app/tests. This hook copies all source code (in app) to a .tmp folder inside app/tests, so NativeScript can run unit tests that follow the Angular style guide.


|-- feature
     |- feature.component.html
     |- feature.component.ts
     |- feature.component.spec.ts



npm install nativescript-tests-hook --save-dev


Unfortunately the test runner fetches the files before the hook is finished. To get around this you'll have to prepare before executing the test command.

tns prepare [platform] && tns test [platform]

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