Spartadigital NativeScript Permissions

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Your awesome NativeScript plugin.


This Plugin is a wrap around Nathanael's nativescript-permissions plugin, while providing IOS Permissions with a matching API.


Describe your plugin installation steps. Ideally it would be something like:

tns plugin add @spartadigital/nativescript-permissions


Right now to request the Camera Permissions, we use it like this


import { Permissions } from '@spartadigital/nativescript-plugins';

if( ! Permissions.hasCameraPermission() ) {
    Permissions.requestCameraPermission().then((hasPermission) => {
        if( hasPermission ) {
            // do something cool
        } else {
            // don't do something



Describe your plugin methods and properties here. See nativescript-feedback for example.

Property Default Description
hasCameraPermission() false returns whether or not the application has the permissions to use the camera
requestCameraPermission() Promise requests the user to allow Camera Permissions, returns a truthy promise if they do, and returns falsy if they don't


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004


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