Smartlook SDK for NativeScript
npm i --save @nstudio/nativescript-smartlook


Smartlook SDK for NativeScript.

Comprehensive product analytics & visual user insights.

npm install @nstudio/nativescript-smartlook

For iOS, configure your nativescript.config.ts to use the Swift Package:

ios: {
SPMPackages: [
name: "SmartlookAnalytics",
libs: ["SmartlookAnalytics"],
repositoryURL: "https://github.com/smartlook/analytics-swift-package.git",
version: "2.2.4"


Initialize the SDK with your api key before the app boots:

Application.on(Application.launchEvent, () => {

// bootstrap app...


  • Smartlook.start(key: string): Start the sdk session and recording.
  • Smartlook.stop(): Stop recording.
  • Smartlook.isRecording(): boolean: Check status of recording.
  • Smartlook.sessionUrl(withTimestamp?: boolean): string: Get the current session url.
  • Smartlook.setRenderingMode(mode?: SmartlookRenderMode): void: Set current rendering mode.
  • Smartlook.getRenderingMode(): number: Get current rendering mode.
  • Smartlook.setSensitivity(view: View, sensitive: boolean): Set sensitivity to specific View.
  • Smartlook.setUser(id: string, name?: string, email?: string, extraData?: any): Set user details.
  • Smartlook.trackEvent(name: string, properties?: any): void: Track event with optional properties.
  • Smartlook.trackNavigationEvent(name: string): Track navigation event.


Apache License Version 2.0