The purpose of this package is to add an random string at the end if your app's ID.
npm i --save nativescript-dev-app-id-changer

'nativescript-dev-app-id-changer' a NativeScript dev plugin

This is a very simple package that when installed will try to change the id/applicationId of the NativeScript application to which it is being installed to by adding a random string at the end of the current ID. After installing the nativescript-dev-app-id-changer make sure you DO NOT COMMIT the changes to the package.json and app.gradle files of your project (those files are updated/changed by the package)


While working with real devices of IOS and applications that are under a corporate certificate/provisioning it is often the case that executing tns run ios will throw and error that the current dev team is not correct etc. In this case if you only want to work on the app an do not intent to ship it immediately after building it the most common "workaround" is to change the ID of the app before you try to deploy it to the real device. This package automates the renaming of the related fields of the NativeScript app by adding a random string of characters to the current app's ID.

How to use

You should only need to use this once before starting to work on app you intent to deploy to a real device FOR DEVELOPMENT purposes only so simply install it from npm:

npm i nativescript-dev-app-id-changer --no-save