Dev Cucumber

by UnionUp

A NativeScript plugin to help integrate and run Cucumber tests with Appium


A helper package to make running E2E Appium tests in NativeScript apps easier.


Install it with:

$ tns install cumcumber

It will produce a sample test below the features dir. Now, run it with:

$ npm run cucumber-android


$ npm run cucumber-ios-simulator

The tests are standard Cumcumber.js tests.

Getting started

Create a new NativeScript Application (if necessary):

$ tns create cucumberSample --ng

Update the template to add "automationText" attributes (for Angular2 NS applications).


    <Label text="Tap the button" class="title"></Label>
    <Button text="TAP" (tap)="onTap()" automationText="tapButton"></Button>

    <Label [text]="message" class="message" textWrap="true" automationText="messageLabel"></Label>

Install cucumber:

$ tns install cucumber

Execute tests:

$ npm run cucumber-android


$ npm run cucumber-ios-simulator

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