Vue Rollup Template

by tralves

A rollup template for nativescript-vue

NativeScript Vue.js Template

This repo serves as the starting point for NativeScript + Vue.js projects, using nativescript-vue.

This template creates a project ready to use with Vue single file components* (.vue files)!

It creates a project with the structure:

 |-app   # your app code
 |  |-components
 |  |-...
 |-tns   # the generated tns project
 |  |-app
 |  |-...

This template supports:

  • .vue Single-File Components;
  • scss imports and inside <style> tags in .vue files;
  • root imports (imports starting with / refer to the root of the app folder);
  • babel with es2015 and stage-2 presets;


  1. Install NativeScript tools (see

  2. Create app from this template

tns create hello-ns-vue --template nativescript-vue-rollup-template
cd hello-ns-vue
  1. Watch for changes while developing

In two separate terminals run:

# terminal 1
rollup -c -w

# terminal 2
cd tns
tns run android
# or
tns run ios
  1. Code! Check Groceries Vue to see this template in action in a complete app.

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