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NativeScript Vue Application
npm i --save nativescript-vue-template
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NativeScript Vue.js Template

This repo serves as the starting point for NativeScript + Vue.js projects, using nativescript-vue.


  1. Install NativeScript tools (see

  2. Create app from this template

tns create hello-ns-vue --template nativescript-vue-template

cd hello-ns-vue

While the nativescript-vue project is not up-to-date on npm, you may have to run npm link nativescript-vue in the project folder (like described here).

  1. Run in Android or iOS
tns run android
tns run ios


This template contains a number of app samples that you can use as the starting point of your app. To experiment, try copying and pasting the code from app-with-list-view.js, app-with-router.js, app-with-tab-view.js, or app-with-vmodel.js into your app’s app.js file.