Nativescript 7 theme builder
npm i --save ns-7-theme-builder

NS7 Theme Builder CLI


$ npm i -g ns-7-theme-builder

Build custom css theme for nativescript 7+ angular components.
NOTE: The generated css file is meant to be used in conjunction with nativescript core theme.

Install Nativescript Core Theme

$ npm install @nativescript/theme --save

After the installation, import the core theme in you app.css and the generated css file.

@import '~@nativescript/theme/css/core.css';
@import '~@nativescript/theme/css/custom.css';

For more information, visit Nativescript official documentation.

CLI Commands & Options

Default alias: nstheme Usage: $ nstheme build

Command Usage Description
b, build nstheme build Initializes the cli to build a custom theme. The cli will ask for the neccessary colors (hexadecimal or rgb) to build the theme.

Option Usage Descript
-v, --version nstheme --version Gets the version of the cli
-h, --help nstheme --help Gets documentation on all commands & options available.


If you have found a possible bug, please use the issues option on this repo to report the problem. Please include a way to reproduce the error.

Known Issues
  • It seems that using #RRGGBBAA does not work well in Nativescript. The alpha value does not apply correctly. Trying to add RGBA to the theme builder.
  • Dark Theme TextView text color is not set correctly causing it to have little contrast.


  • [ ] Decrease color inputs in order to build a theme.
  • [ ] Add choice to build detail/regular theme. Detail takes more color inputs
  • [ ] Add choice to generate modular styling. Such as generating style for buttons only.
  • [ ] Add configuration option to set default colors, destination, extra colors/properties.