by newcoderunner | v0.1.2
Cross platform development from a single code base making use of Svelte, Tailwind, NativeScript, Electron and Cordova
npm i --save sveltail

A Cross Platform Svelte Solution allowing you to develop Electron, Cordova, NativeScript apps from a single code base.

Uses Tailwind CSS.


Notes: 1. Please use npm or yarn depending on your preference for the following instructions.

  1. Create a new folder and open it in terminal

  2. Run npm init and follow the instructions

  3. Add Sveltail to your project ocally in your project (Recommended)

    1. Run yarn add sveltail --dev or npm install sveltail --also=dev.

    2. Add the following to your "package.json" file in project folder. "scripts": { // Other Scripts here "sveltail": "sveltail" } and run yarn sveltail config or npm run sveltail config and follow instructions.


      You can also run Sveltail directly npx sveltail config

    Note: Adding sveltail globally is not recommended as sveltail also comes packed with UI components, that are irrelevant for CLI usage only, and things might not work as expected.

  4. Svelte CLI will automatically create the svelte.config.js files and other recommended settings for the project and some useful scripts to package.json in the root folder.

  5. Add cordova mode yarn sveltail add --cordova or npx sveltail add --cordova.

  6. Take cordova for a test drive yarn sveltail dev --cordova --ios or ``yarn sveltail dev --cordova --iosor use the script added by sveltail to your package.jsonyarn st-dev-cor-ios`.

Test Drive

  1. You can quickly clone the repo at
  2. Run yarn install (Recommended) or npm install.
  3. Run yarn st-dev to test the app and UI out in browser.
  4. Run yarn st-dev-cor-ios to test the app and UI out in Cordova.